Mrs. Margaret Cornish - Second Grade

Week of May 26, 2020
I will be posting the work your child needs to complete each day here in the homework section. I will send a Spelling/Vocabulary list link each week and I have made a webmix that you can use to easily access all of the websites they need to use for distance learning as well as some fun games they can play when they are done the assigned work. I ask that you scan/photograph their work and send it to me via Class Dojo so I can monitor their progress. The Journeys pages I have up are borrowed from the web so please disregard anything but what is in the Journeys box. Everyone should have their Reader's Notebook at home as well as their Math homework book to complete the page assignments. I will post a video each morning explaining expectations, please give your child access to this video If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. We are ask to provide office hours and mine are as follows: 8:00am Morning announcements 10:00-12:00 available for students/parents questions about work, etc. 3:00-4:00 available for students/parents questions and feedback on assignments submitted and 6:00-7:00 questions/Dojo or email. Thank you for your cooperation in this. This week is a full week of school. We will continue to work in Module 8 in Math and we are going to read the story "Yeh-Shen". I miss being at school and hope we can all see each other again soon.


Be Safe and hope to see you all soon!

Please monitor this web page daily for school work and updates.

webmix address is: All lower case, no spaces

Weekly zoom meeting for Math will be Tuesday, May 26th, ELA will be Wednesday, May 27th.

If you had your child's Spring pictures taken, you may call Lifetouch and they will mail the pictures directly to you. This is the number: 1-800-736-4753

Marks close on Friday, May 29, 2020. All work must be in by 5:00 pm.


Monday 5-25-2020

Math Memorial Day- no work



Tuesday 5-26-2020

Math Zearn Module 8 lesson 7. Complete the homework page for lesson 7 and scan and send on Dojo

Video for Lesson

First in Math 10 minutes
iReady Math- 10 minutes

ELA Re-read 'Yeh-Shen' on your own-listen to audio if you have trouble.
Reader's Notebook- Complete p. 187, 189, 190, 196

Write Spelling words 1-8 2x each

Scan/photograph pages and submit through Dojo.

iReady 15 minutes

Spelling-Vocab words L. 28 5-26-2020.docx

Religion The Church Celebrates God's Love- follow the path to heaven

Read and complete p. 187

The Church Celebrates God's Love

Wednesday 5-27-2020

Math Zearn- Module 8 Lesson 8 Complete lesson and do homework book for Lesson 3
Scan and upload to Dojo

This video will help with the lesson:

First in Math- 10 minutes
iReady- Math- 10 minutes

ELA Lesson 28
Reader's Notebook- p. 188,191, 197, 201

Write Spelling words 9-16 2x each

iReady for 15 minutes

Religion We Can Meet Jesus Today
Read and complete p. 188

We Can Meet Jesus Today

Thursday 5-28-2020

Math Zearn- Module 8 Lesson 10 Complete lesson and do homework book for Lesson 4
Scan and upload to Dojo
This video will help with the lesson:

First in Math- 10 minutes
iReady- Math- 10 minutes

ELA 'Journeys Unit 6 webmix Leveled readers- green circle find the story "The Youngest Brother". Read the story about the three brothers and on p. 11 write what happened first, next, and last in this story.

iReady- 15 minutes

Religion This is My Favorite Jesus Story

Read and complete bottom of p. 189

Is This My Favorite Jesus

Friday, 5-29-2020

Math Please use today as a day to catch up on any work that you may have not gotten to during the week.

First in Math 10 minutes
iReady- 10 minutes

ELA Read story, "Yeh-Shen"
Reader's Notebook- p. 194, 195 Comprehension of the story. You can go back in the story to find the answers.
Scan/photograph and upload to Dojo.

Write 1 sentence for vocabulary words 1-4

iReady 15 minutes

Religion Use this time to catch up any any uncompleted work.

Mrs. Margaret Cornish



I am so happy to be starting my 4th year of teaching second grade at St. Rose of Lima School. In the past I have taught 1st grade for 8 years, Kindergarten for 9 years, and Pre-K for 5 years giving me a grand total of 25 years teaching. I attended Catholic school my whole life from elementary school at St. Francis de Sales, to West Philadelphia Catholic Girls High School and finally St. Joseph's University where I received my undergraduate degree and completed my masters degree this summer. I have 4 children ranging in age from 27-14. I like to read, binge watch series on Netflix, and attend many various sporting event that my younger 2 children participate in. I'm looking forward to this school year and getting to know all of you and your wonderful children!