2020 Rose Petal UN-Gala Presentations

From our homes to yours, we bring the spirit of St. Rose of Lima to you through these testimonials that are straight from the heart. Listen to the words of our parents, students and teachers – as they share what it’s like to be part of the St. Rose of Lima family.

Help us reach our goal of $50,000! Because this is a virtual event, 100 percent of dollars raised will directly support St. Rose of Lima students. You’ll continue to have the opportunity to help us reach our goal this week by donating online, via mail or phone. You can also shop off of our Amazon wish list. Thank you for your support!





“Our teachers and staff are always looking to move forward, always looking and researching. We’re doing good, but how can we do better? You never should be satisfied with where you are, you want to constantly improve and keep moving forward to benefit the children.”
-Mrs. Rhonda Scarbrough, 3rd Grade Teacher

On average, teachers currently on staff at SROL have been here for approximately 3 years. Last year, two out of ten homeroom teachers needed to be hired. This year, we anticipate that ten out of ten of our homeroom teachers will be back with us next year.



“Being able to have support systems within St. Rose has been very beneficial… small groups for boys and girls, school counselor, reading support specialist. All of this supports the development of the whole child because they are emotionally safe, they are physically safe and academically and mentally safe.”– Miss Kiera Scarbrough, 4th Grade Teacher

After year 1 of a new math curriculum from Fall 2018 to Fall 2019, using data from MAP assessments (which measures growth between specific time frames and projects proficiency when measured against national norms), St. Rose of Lima students saw students meeting 105% of their projected growth goals vs. 57% the previous year.



“This is why I am here – I enjoy working in partnership with our community to ensure that we continue to lead with faith as our students learn with fidelity in order for our scholars to become the individuals that God intended them to be.” – Mona Bradwell, Asst. Principal

At our monthly Mass 246 children participate, four have the opportunity to serve, three read & 25 sing in the school choir.

St. Rose of Lima offers a variety of Clubs & Activities for students, exposing them to develop their talents beyond the classroom! In addition to those below, a journalism club, book club and Catholic Students club will all be added!

  • CYO Basketball – 30 boys & girls in 6th -8th grade
  • Performing Arts – 40 children, 3rd grade and up
  • Chess Club – 20 students
  • Praise Dance – 12 students
  • Scrabble Club – 24 students
  • … and more, like Scouts & Student Council.



“At St. Rose of Lima, I am grateful for the principal, teachers and everyone who is at St. Rose of Lima. Children feel safe and their learning is progressive. The community is warm, it’s like family.” – Jattu Moussa, parent of three St. Rose of Lima students

With beautiful renovations and enhanced curriculum, our family has expanded.  Enrollment increased from 185 students last year to 246 students this year!



Last year, St. Rose of Lima underwent a large capital renovation, creating more opportunities for our students and community. With the final funds still being raised, the following has been accomplished:

  • All classrooms are being updated with new LED lighting, floors, doors, exterior windows & furniture
  • 3 new classrooms, including a science lab, are being created
  • All corridors have been updated with new LED lighting, ceilings and floors
  • A new faculty breakroom was built and furnished
  • Critical infrastructure upgrades including plumbing, electrical, security and waterproofing has been and continues to be performed
  • Safety enhancements are currently being added for additional protection of our students & staff
  • New offices for the Principal and Vice Principal have been built and furnished

There is still more to go…

For information on the final phase of this capital campaign and how you can help, please contact Michelle Brown, Chief Development Officer at mbrown@independencemissionschools.org